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Premier Landscape offers a breadth of services uncommonly found with landscape contractors. With one phone call to Premier, you have access to experts in a broad range of services from landscape architecture, masonry, irrigation, landscape maintenance and more. Our service offerings have grown out of the needs of our clients. We continue to grow and enhance our landscape services; adding new technical capabilities like 3D modeling and new specialties like masonry. Our clients are often surprised to learn how much more we offer than other landscape companies.

landscape design

First we consult with you on the design, style and goals of your project.

The Premier Landscape team will guide you through a brainstorm to come up with ideas for style, design and purpose. Collaboration is extremely important during this step and the entire design process. Together with you, we will put together an inspiration board that will inform and help steer the concept development.

02: Vision

Collaboration is key for every step of the project. We will explore options, forms, textures and overall experience of your space together. Once our ideas start to take shape, we present you with 2 -3 design concepts. From there we review layout, structure and discuss the budget and timing. Some of the most important decisions at the stage are initial materials and plant sizes; which will help shape our timelines and costs.

03: Design Development

Once a conceptual direction is selected we start the process of developing the final plan. Here is where Premier will create detailed construction drawings and finalize the design details, adding additional elements of craft and artistic flair.

From hand drawn sketch to 3D modeling our team will help you visualize your design.

Premier Landscape’s architect and design team employs a number of different techniques from traditional sketch to modern 3d rendering to visualize our concepts. Take a look at some of our example design work to get an idea of our complete design capabilities.

View Landscape Design Work

landscape installation & Construction

01: Once the final plan is ready, we can begin prepping the site for construction.

We will review your site again to take accurate measurements and to mark off the area for construction. Starting a project correctly makes a big difference. This preparation step is critical to a successful landscape project. From site staging to drainage and grading planning, this step is extremely important.

  • 02: Construct

    This is when we will begin to lay the foundation or skeleton of the project. It’s hardest at this stage with everything going on to visualize what will come from the construction because we are putting in place the needed foundational elements first.

    • Clear Area for Construction
    • Lay Foundations
    • Start with Hardscape Elements
    • Patios, Walls and other Structural Elements
  • 03: Progress

    During this phase, we being to rough in elements like grading and will start planting some materials. If we’ve decided to install a system that runs through your property like irrigation or lighting, this is the step where we will install those systems.

    • Plant Installation
    • Rough Grading
    • Irrigation
    • Lighting
  • 04: Final Details

    By now, things will start to look and feel like the final design. The job is not over, as there are many very important activities at this stage, but your project should start looking and feeling more complete. Keep in mind, when a plant heavy project is completed it can take several seasons for your plants to mature and fill out to the desired aesthetic. Proper landscape maintenance for the first year after your project is critical.

    • Clean Up
    • Finish Grading
    • Mulch / Compost
    • Seed / Sod
    • Final Touches

From floral gardens to entertainment spaces, Premier Landscape has you covered.

Premier Landscape creates landscapes of all shapes, sizes and purposes. From added privacy to the front of your home to a new entertainment space in the backyard to a small enhancement to your existing design; Premier works on everything from small projects to large estate plans.

View Landscape Construction Work
  • Outdoor Living Spaces

    • Outdoor Grills & Kitchens
    • Fire pits & Fireplaces
    • Terraces, Patios, Walkways and Driveways
    • Retaining & Seating Walls
    • Outdoor Living Rooms
    • Patios & Outdoor Entertaining Spaces
  • Gardens & Estate Planning

    • Entranceway Gardens
    • Backyard Gardens
    • Privacy Feature Gardens
    • Special Feature Gardens
    • Container Gardens
    • Ponds or Other Water Features
  • Planting, Removal & Care

    • New Lawns & Renovations
    • Ground Covers
    • Excavation & Transplanting
    • Drainage
    • Perennial Planting
    • Annuals & Bulb Planting

Landscape Planting

Premier plans your garden with beauty and quality in mind. We use only high quality plants and materials for all of our landscape projects. We work with you to ensure the results not only meet your purpose, like added ground cover, but also meet your maintenance preferences. We can help you achieve a range of looks from a highly manicured modern style to an uncultivated wild flower prairie style. Because Premier Landscape works so collaboratively, regardless of what you’re looking for, you can trust we will pull in the right experts from the right divisions, as they are needed.

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Landscape masonry & Hardscapes

Hardscape Walkways & Patios

If you can imagine it, we can create it: Everything from patios, walkways, interlocking pavers, driveways, pool decks and decorative stairs — all crafted of natural materials like natural stone, clay brick or high quality pavers. We select materials, textures and colors that will compliment your home and enhance your outdoor focal points.

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

We construct outdoor kitchens, resulting in a outdoor living spaces that are not only beautiful, but livable. An outdoor kitchen can consist of a range for grilling, counter-space for food prep, a refrigerator, a sink, and an eating area. Premier Landscape also constructs outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, extending the summer season and allowing you to enjoy cool nights outside.

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Irrigation & Lighting

Irrigation Systems

Premier irrigation systems are designed to help reduce the consumption of water while maintaining plant health. As a result, your carbon foot print is reduced and your utility bills are reduced. Everything we design leverages the latest technology available in the irrigation industry from weather sensor equipment to the programming of the run times to ensure your water is working smarter not harder. Healthy plants are happy plants.

Benefits of Premier Irrigation:

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add a dramatic effect to your home. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your garden, compliment your home or provide lighting for safety around stairs and walkways, outdoor lighting designed by Premier is custom tailored to meet your needs and add value to your home.

Benefits of Premier Lighting:

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seasonal displays & annuals

Every Style. Every Season. Premier offers custom annual designs for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Rotating your garden for the seasons or adding seasonal container gardens are great ways to keep your home feeling fresh and your neighbors amazed by how great your property looks regardless of the season. At Premier Service, our enhancement & rotation specialists use only high quality materials and custom display designs. Our team has a passion for design and color seasonality you will not find anywhere else.

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